C A D B U R Y  In March 2016 I worked with Ogilvy NY to create a corporate presentation for a forthcoming meeting between their respective managements. This deck was Art Directed to coordinate with the brands' style-guide and formed an elegant context in which to assimilate the creative examples from the meeting. Below are some samples of the artwork and layouts used.   Agency Credentials: Ogilvy & Mather NY, Simone Oppenheimer (Director of New Business), Peter Czmielewski (Associate Director of New Business), Sara Smoler (Business Development Supervisor)
 D I E T - C O K E  In November 2016 I again worked with the new business team at Ogilvy NY to create a presentation and supporting promotional materials and stationary, for a meeting with Diet Coke. The key to this project was creating a refreshing take on a classic brand. These are some examples taken from throughout the numerous stages of the pitch.   Agency Credentials: Ogilvy & Mather NY, Adam Tucker (Executive Sponsor), Leyland Streiff (Account Lead), Mack Reynolds (Co-Planning Lead), Sveta Doucet (Co-Planning Lead) Alfonso Marian (Executive Creative Lead) Debra Fried (Executive Creative Lead), Michael Paterson (Executive Creative Director), Thomas Smith (Associate Creative Director), Simone Oppenheimer (Director of New Business)
 S T R O N G B O W   In April 2016 I was again working at POSSIBLE NY as part of the creative team pitching for Strongbow Cider's business within the US. We explored various techniques to blur the line between the urban and orchard environments in a number of creative marketing channels. Below are some samples from the presentation.   Agency Credentials: POSSIBLE NY, Kunal Muzumdar (Managing Director) ,  Jason Minyo (Executive Creative Director), Cavan Huang (Creative Director), Gary Goldsmith (Project Management Director)
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