Birds of Paradise, 2015
Don't Look Back in Anger, 2012
Danny Burrito, 2015
 I D O L E Y E Z    In 2018 I was commissioned to create a 72” x 36” pop-art style painting for a buyer in Chelsea, NY. They asked for a nostalgic, 80’s-style backdrop to act as the center piece for their living room. This piece is dedicated to the staff at Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts.
 A L I E N S    This color pencil illustration from 2013 was a satirical commentary on my US status at the time: an  O-1B Alien with Extraordinary Abilities in the Arts . In May of that year, this piece was awarded  Best in Show  at the Greenpoint Gallery’s annual salon show in Brooklyn.
The O1-B Alien w/ Extraordinary Abilities in the Arts, 2013
   T I T A N I C S   This pencil rendering was created for Albany-based band  Titanics'  album "Soft Treasure", which was released in 2013. It features a number of dream-like themes and references to my relationship with the band, who remain great friends.
Soft Treasure, 2012
 5 T R 3 N G T H _ I N _ N U M B E R S    This 40” x 30” canvas was created pro-bono for the lobby of my apartment building in Brooklyn, NY: 53 Broadway. Inspired by the turbulent nature of the US elections, this piece is on display for public viewing during standard daytime hours.
5tr3ngth in Numbers, 2017
Untitled, 2018
 D . A . B . B . (Do a Bugs Bunny)  In April 2019 I was invited to do some live painting at my local mall, the MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. I spent 11 hours customizing a 4-ft fiberglass egg with my design: “D.A.B.B. - Do a Bugs Bunny”. After several weeks of voting  my illustration won The People’s Choice Award ,  and I received a cash reward from the management team.
D.A.B.B. (Do a Bugs Bunny), 2019
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